Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Peak Health Journey: watching trees grow in a whirlwind

I created a Facebook group, called Peak Health Initiative. It is a group of us who are encouraging and supporting each other on our path to peak health. As I chronicle my journey back from injury and also maintain my health while working through hypothyroidism and fibro, I get bopped on the head by the changes in my body, health, and life.

Here's what's interesting to me about getting in better shape. Things change. Sometimes, it's like watching trees grow, and sometimes it's a whirlwind. Today, I realized my health changes have been like watching trees grow in whirlwind. In other words, some of those changes are happening so slowly that I take no notice until they bop me on the head.

My clothes are fitting more loosely. Until this morning, I kept thinking my dryer must not be drying them as well since usually clothes out of the dryer are tight and then relax as I wear them. But lately, nothing has been tight when I first put it on. Instead of thinking "Hey that must mean I'm getting smaller," I thought, "Hey, my dryer must be malfunctioning." Doh!

So, today, I was outside working/boxing with the standing bag. I am aiming for ten minutes daily before January 20th. I'm up to six minutes. I do fifteen-second intervals of hooks, jabs, crosses, high and low intensity and breaks where I stretch. And when the alarm rang to indicate I was at six minutes, I was surprised and a little disappointed.

"What? I'm done?" was my first thought. On one level, that means I was in the moment and doing my thing. On another level, it means I'm going up to seven minutes tomorrow.

Color me surprised. When I started, five minutes seemed more than I could endure. And this brings me to today's mantra.

"Now matter your current situation, accept where you are right now and then watch how it changes."

What about you? What is your experience of your life and health? How does awareness of your health change as you go?

Please Note

Welcome to Natural Thyroid. This blog details my process of treating my hypothyroidism naturally. Please note: I am not telling you *to* do or not to do anything with my posts (remember to work with your medical practitioner, whether it's an allopath or an alternative medicine practitioner).